Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Double the Craft

Goings on lately here have been sporadic at best - April is going to be a crazy month for us - 2 weddings, a BLOGGERS CONFERENCE, and *hopefully* having our first home go unconditional!

Needless to say, my mind has been elsewhere and my poor crafty side has suffered. But out of the craziness, a couple of things happened.

1. I busted out the Sonic Granny Square Blanket again and started to work on the background. Progress is slow but I am joining as I go so I can see how much is happenning!

2. A far-away-but-still-awesome friend of mine asked if I could sew her a laptop sleeve that would protect her new mac lappy from heavy text books. I jumped right into this one and made up a prototype with some leftover fabric and batting.

I measured out a rough rectangle of fabric and quilted the front, batting and lining together with a wavy pattern. I then measured the lappy, folded up the bottom of the quilted fabric and sewed it into an envelope format. I finished off the edges with a zig-zag stitch (lazy womans overlocking) and added a button and buttonhole (by hand - my sewing maching lacks this capability). It looks like a success so I am off fabric shopping this weekend to buy some pretty chevron fabric to make her an actual sleeve!

Also, as with the rest of the crowd, I am giving Blog Lovin' a go, I hear rumours my beloved Dashboard (didn't even get as far as Google Reader!) will be thrown to the wolves too so it seems I have no choice!
You can follow On A Crafty Adventure on Blog Lovin' here. Hope to see you over there.
Those Facebook friends who have no idea what I am talking about? It's ok, I will still link my posts on Facebook.

I still have a few crafty projects up my sleeve so you will hear from me again soon - as well as my next installment of Diary of a Derby Girl!


  1. Awesome! Its like a bit puffy clutch purse! Hope she loves it! :)

  2. Cool!!! Crochet aaaaand sewing!!!!


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