Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Standard Lamp Makeover Version 2.0

Remember last time I re-styled a standard lamp and I mentioned I had an idea in my head that involved red gloss paint? Well here it is. I am super excited because this project turned out almost exactly how I had it pictured in my head. That almost never happens!

I have now decided that THIS lamp will stay at home with us and the other lamp will be getting sold. This one matches our couches perfectly.

Here are some before and after pictures so you can see what a relief it is to have this lamp finished!

Haha I think that my lawn may be slightly uneven looking at these photos.

Anyway here are the details:

Lamp and Shade: Pretty sure it was around $20 from a garage sale.
Spray-paint: Super Cheap Auto's brand - around $7 per can, I used a Grey Primer and Gloss Red
Fabric: After hunting around fabric shops I found this fabric in curtain form at The Warehouse $39 for a pair and I used just less than one length. Cushions maybe?
Trim: $3.99 per metre from Lincraft. I used just shy of 6m

Surprise fact about this project:
The top 'crown' of the shade (as I like to call it) detatches completely from the main frame when it in unpicked. It sure makes it easier to recover, I'll tell you that! Plus that magic trim hides a multitude of stitches.

What do you think of the red? Is bold better?


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