Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to Revolutionize Your Kitchen and Bathroom (A Stuck on You Review and GIVEAWAY)

*ahem...infomercial voice*

So who still uses the Greggs packets of herbs and spices? (probably containing the 11 secret herbs and spices if you get the right combo!)

Do you have a million half-empty packets floating around in pantry-space somewhere?

Well you, women (and men) of the kitchen can rejoice because I have found the solution to those herby, spicy problems*

*not guaranteed

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Stuck on You I have revolutionized my seasonings! And you could too!

Their Kitchen Labels (which come in a variety of designs) now adorn 16 clean and shiny baby food jars (you're welcome) and are filled with my herb and spice collection. Which is bigger than I thought. Who knew I would have more than 15 seasonings!

There is also talk that holes may be drilled to make these into shakers (again, you're welcome).

Now these Kitchen Labels are pretty awesome in my opinion. Firstly, they look way tidier than I could write my own. Which was my old labelling system. Secondly, they double as a shopping list - (I have no cereal or brown sugar!). Thirdly - you can re-stick them! This is ideal for the perfectionist or shakey handed person who can't get them on straight. They have also been microwave and dishwasher tested - zap and wash these safely my friends!

There are some pretty clever label choices in there too - Mum's treats, HANDS OFF, First aid, POISON. May I suggest putting the dog biscuit label onto the human biscuit container and see how long it fools them?

I still have a bunch left, it appears I need more containers! However my poor Star Anise has no label. But how many people have it? Or use it for that matter?

When I received these labels in the post, they came in a giant bag that took up half the bed. Why so big you ask? Well I was also sent a personalized Luxury Bath Towel. Not only that, Dave got one too! How cool are we having our very own towels with our names on them. Definitely up there with Posh and Becks (are they even cool?)

Here is what Dave had to say about his towel - 'Heavy... Fluffy.'
I agree. These towels have a good weight to them and are nice and soft on the body. But don't be an eager beaver like me and remember to WASH THEM FIRST. Or else you will be just as fluffy as the towel. Not a good look.

The other great thing about these towels is that they make your bathroom look snazzy. It also makes you want to fold your towel nicely so your name shows. Our names are a pretty close match to the towel colour so they have a bit of a tone-on-tone thing going on. But you can also get a bright coloured font so there will be no towel related arguements.

Now here's the best part - Stuck on You have been generous enough to offer one of you lucky readers a SET OF KITCHEN LABELS and one personalised LUXURY BATH TOWEL for free!

All you have to do is leave a comment with your favourite design of Kitchen Label!
The winner will be drawn on Thursday April 18th. Make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you!

*Winner will be picked by random and will recieve a voucher code (including postage) to use on these products on the Stuck on You website.

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  1. freak. hilary. Amy!

    I can totally picture Raccoon saying "heavy... fluffy" lol. G would totally say that too.

    I think i would pick the vintage labels, they are the most colourful! Count me in! x

  2. What a huge difference a few labels make! So cool! I think I would pick the Natural ones, they are so cool!

  3. I like vintage! And natural! Can't decide! Would looooove a bath towel though, we only have one's for the flat - a.k.a not so fluffy. Count me in! Rachel Bakker :-)

  4. Hahaha, I LOVE this post!

    I use those baby food jars, and some have holes in the tops for shaking - thank you! But labels, I have none. I use a white pen which RUBS OFF all the time and drives me bonkers.

    Favourite labels are the 'natural' ones.

    I sure want a towel with my name on it too. Honestly I ALWAYS forget where I put my one and confuse it with Levi's or Roy's. Ugh!

  5. Oh I love the vintage ones! Very cool

  6. In my enthusiasm, I would totally forget to wash the towels first!- thanks for the warning!!!
    My choice would be the vintage labels too.

  7. Baby food jars is a awesome idea! - i use these awesome little op shop jars - they are pretty cute and came with the spice rack. my fav are natural. they are nice! :)

  8. My two favourite things-labels and free stuff! I like the metro and natural ones

  9. Oh this is really cool Amy!

    I would choose vintage labels but I also like the ones you used too (Metro)...found it pretty hard to decide between those 2 styles. :-)

  10. I can't deciiiiiiide!! Vintage...metro...vintage...metro...

    Great towel shots!


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