Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Splash of Paint

This weekend Dave and I went to the Charity Barn on Brougham St, Christchurch, which is a shop which for the most part has a bunch of second hand items in WELL used condition but also has a tonne of recycled paint for $3 per litre.

Painty hands

We chose a can that was about 2/3 full and got 2 new paintbrushes for $13 altogether. The paint was self-priming so we decided that if the colour didn't quite end up how we wanted it then we would just go back and get another top coat. The colour of the paint is an off-white with a slight light brown tinge. It will look awesome once we do our 'Shabby Chic' makeover and sand everything back slightly.

Luckily, Saturday was nice and sunny so we hauled all our items to be painted out onto the grass and did the first coat.  It makes me excited to see the transformation already but man did my attention span not last long! I was over painting pretty quick but we did take on a few projects at once. 
This was my newest addition, a blanket box.

 This blanket box I purchased from Trade Me. It is in average condition, with some of the paint peeling off the top.  So off come the hinges and a coat of paint it gets.

The doors of the writing desk, from my garage sale find.
 The doors scrub up really well, and as I type, Dave is painting the underside of the desk. Exciting!

A frame and it's insides. I have some old metal keys that will be attached in the middle to make a piece of art.
My tiny 50c box.

I'm still not sure about this box, It might end up being someones birthday present, once it is finished. I need some inspiration.

And in other news, our apple tree has nearly produced large fruit. I have been waiting impatiently for the tiny buds to grow into apples and they are just about big enough to eat. I will be in the kitchen making large amounts of stewed apple soon. Mmmmmmmmmm

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