Thursday, 12 January 2012


I am a lover of Pinterest - the site where you can get inspiration for anything. I recently stumbled on this cool blog The Sweet Spot who gives a tutorial on my latest crafty escapade.

The art of rolling strips of paper into shapes and turning it into a masterpiece (well that is my definition). It has been around for years and is mostly used for card making or scrapbooking. But I like it as a work of art in itself.
My strips of paper, my swirly collection and my skewer

I went out and bought some coloured paper and started cutting it into strips. I dug out a kebab skewer to use as my 'roller' and used tape to join ends together. I started doing the shapes in the tutorial but got bored and decided to make my own work of art.

I started with the two large swirls that make the heart shape - there are 3 strips of paper in each one to give a bit of interest -  then made heaps of teardrops in different colours. To glue them onto the canvas I used PVA glue which I brushed on with a paintbrush.
The side view. Ignore the tape strips, next time I will glue them

The next thing I attempted was slightly more abstract. A bird. Based on a swallow painting I did a while ago I followed the basic structure with swirls and teardrops. I started with just red strips and added the yellow afterward.
Haha later on at night I added the yellow, thats why the lighting changed

The canvases I have are quite small so the next quilling project I do I want to be on a bigger canvas and I want to use blues, greens and purples.

This is a project that takes a lot more time than you think. It is definitely something to chip away at but I love the end result so the time is worth it.

One day I will do a revealio of my next quilling project but don't expect it to be for a while, other things have grabbed my crafty attention.

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  1. This is by far my new favourite blog. Better than brooke frasers.

  2. Brooke Fraser has a blog?! Where?
    Anyway, I totally love this! I was thinking, another way to get the glue on could be to squeeze out a big blob onto a piece of paper and then dip the bottom of the quilled shape in it before sticking it to the canvas? Or would you end up with too much glue? Just a thought!


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