Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Frame re-purposing #1

So you may remember THIS post, asking for ideas on how to re-purpose my frame collection. I got a few, and after finishing my upholstering project, I used a spare piece of fabric to create this pin cushion!

I have a very sad lack of pins but you get the picture. Cool huh!

The frame had a thin plywood backing that glued the picture in. I removed it, cut some foam to shape and wrapped over the fabric. I pushed the ply back into place and the extra fabric held it in place nicely. I trimmed off the excess fabric, pushed in my pins and there you have it.

Sadly it is back to work for me this week, but I am still hanging out to do some crafty things. Dave and I have big ideas for our next upholstering challenge. We are on the lookout for a couple of matching 2 and/or 3 seater couches. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh it looks so cool! I would love one of these - would you sell an empty frame? Or can i send some fabric your way? Eeeee!

  2. ohh send fabric! I still have foam :)


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