Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Project Shabby Chic

Last Saturday at a Garage Sale, Dave and I purchased this desk for $10

We have big plans to re-paint this lovely treasure and get it looking all Shabby Chic, painted white and sanded back to give the 'distressed' look. Here is my inspiration board:

Click to see the bigger picture
And here is our work so far:

Doors off and drawer out.

One new hiding place for Killer

Stripping the paint off the doors.

All sanded. The paint stained the grain of the wood slightly but that won't matter once its painted.

The drawer all sanded

Delicate work stripping the paint from the moulding. I was useless at that.

Dave sanding super hard.

Real smooth. Both Dave and the top of the desk.
So we are halfway there, all sanded and smooth and ready for painting. We just need to get paint. We don't want to spend loads so we will either get spray paint or go to one of those recycled paint shops if we can find one.

Fun! It is exciting to have a project to do with Dave, this one is way more suited to him, I am not too good at sanding and don't have the patience. But it is still fun to collaborate! I even learned how to use an orbital sander. And how to strip paint. *winning*
Hopefully it won't be long until I have a beautiful piece of furniture to show you.


  1. I love how you wrote WE are half way there but it looks like Dave is doing all the work haha :)
    cant wait to see it finished!

    1. well someone has to take the photos :P

  2. i want to see the finished project!
    this looks awesome


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