Sunday, 5 October 2014

DIY Renovations: Bookshelves

When our house was built back in the 50's they thought it was an awesome idea to make a tiny toilet room and a tiny shower room. Thankfully at some point one of the previous owners decided to knock down the wall between the toilet and shower to make one relatively roomy bathroom. 

Now for some reason once the wall was knocked down they realised they wouldn't need two doorways. Fair enough. So what did they go and do? Chuck a bit of MDF up on the hallway side and leave it at that. Luckily they finished the bathroom side.

This little alcove is pretty useless. It isn't big enough to use as linen storage or even to stow away the vacuum. It is however, perfect for bookshelves.

Thanks to my husbands amazing skills and his latest passion of watching woodworking YouTube videos, he whipped up these shelves for me out of some recycled Rimu from an old manrobe. He made the shelf supports and routed the front edge of each shelf to make it look pretty. 

My part in this project was to prime the back of the alcove before the shelves went in. We are still deciding on our final paint colour for the inside of the house but at least the base coat is sanded and done. Then I loaded the shelves up with all our books, DVDs, Stargate collection and PS3 games. It looks so awesome and is a perfect use of space.  

Optimus Primed

P.s -We aren't mentioning the horrific paint choices already here - I cannot WAIT to see the day when there are only two neutral colours in sight instead of purple, blue, green, white, other green and yellow.


  1. What a fantastic idea! I am giggling at the crazy colour scheme- one of my previous kitchen was blue, pine green and brown and super ugly!

  2. Incredible! I'm a little gutted we didn't think of this idea when we renovated! We had a spare shower room door too! Great job. (And I can't help but notice and be jealous of your copy of Mockingjay - I've been waiting ages for a copy to come free at the library! I think it's because the movie's coming out soon?)

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