Monday, 6 October 2014

Crochet Circle Blanket

I am in love with the colour combo of this cot blanket. The light pink, bright pink and red mixed with the dark grey just work so well together.

I based my blanket on the pattern over at Three Beans in a Pod but I managed to make an accidental adjustment to the ridge of the circles by hooking through the loop behind the back loop. A bit more work for me but I think it looks great. The border is just a single layer of double crochet in each colour except the red, which is half double crochet. I joined the squares with a slip stitch in the back loops and joined them horizontally first then did the vertical joins. I used Magnum Soft Acrylic yarn from Lincraft and this blanket used 6 balls of yarn all up. 3 x grey, 1 x light pink, 1 x bright pink and 1 x red.

This is the first blanket that I have blocked. By blocking I mean wetting the yarn fibers and letting them settle into the shape you want.
I tried to steam block with my iron but it broke, then I tried using a spray bottle which also broke, so I settled with pinning and stretching out my blanket onto a towel and spraying it with a hose. We had some sunshine so it dried pretty quickly. It definitely made a difference to the way the blanket sits, it hangs nicer and the circles sit flatter.

This project has been a bit of a slow burner. I kept doing a few circles then got over it and left it for a few weeks then powered through a few more and joined it together.

I made this blanket for fun and to try a new technique but I *hopefully* find out today if I am getting a niece or nephew (EXCITING!!!) and if it is a girl then this blanket will be for her. If it's a boy then I get to make another blanket! Then this one might just end up on Addison's bed.

I have done 2 other baby blankets lately but they are filed away in secret waiting for the beautiful ladies to have their baby showers! I started another one the other day too, I am trying to use up my stash of yarn while I wait for Spotlight to have a big sale.

The colours are so bright on a sunny spring evening!


  1. I Love this blanket! Yay for blocking, but not yay for a broken iron and a broken spray bottle. xx

  2. ooooo Amy it's adorable!!! I so so love the colours and the pattern - I am sure whomever ends up with it is going to love it!


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