Thursday, 30 October 2014

Baby Shower Makings Version 1.0

It seems to be the time in my life when ALL the babies are being born. It is so awesome! I love seeing my friends blossom in their pregnancies and watching their teeny newborns grow!

I have been slowly making things here and there for a few of these babies and after their baby showers I will show you what I have been up to.

This blanket is for a beautiful friend who has a wee girl due in a few weeks. I started it just after Addison was born before I knew the gender. I like the bright sunny colours and once I knew it was a girl I added the scalloped edging and personalised it with Baby Girl's name (blurred out for her privacy).

I bought some cotton yarn and crocheted up these Baby Converse booties for the ultimate in timeless style. I like cotton more for these because it doesn't go as 'fuzzy'.

An essential accessory for a baby girl is a delicate headband with a cute little button flower!

These teeny weeny prem shorts were in need of customization. My friend likes owls and I had some fabric paint lying around so I thought I would try my hand at hand-stamping them. I hunted around for some foam to cut a stamp from but there was none around. In desperation I remembered potato stamping from my childhood and figured why not? After doing a lot of stenciling I would say I have some pretty good craft knife skills and I was able to get a bit of detail into the little stamp. It was heaps of fun and I will definitely be doing it with more items!

Hopefully my gifts were received well - I had lots of fun making them!

Stay tuned for more baby shower makings - I have another good friends one tonight and another in a couple of weeks. Yay babies!


  1. Awesome! I love those converse shoes, and totally get you about using cotton.

  2. Cute! I love those little shoes and the headband! :)


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