Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, New Kitchen Cupboard

This year for our holiday break we decided on a staycation. Literally. I think we stayed at home 96% of the time. But when the weather finally does co-operate and you have a million outside landscaping tasks then a staycation is perfect.

I am a regular browser of the website Freecycle. Highly recommended for those who believe that one (wo)mans junk is another (wo)mans treasure. But you gotta be in there quick and be willing to pick up whatever awesome item you spotted as quick as you can. Basically you can either post Offers or Wanted ads for whatever item. The catch is it must be free. No swaps or money exchanged. It's a great way of getting rid of junk without paying tip fees (as long as it is still useful junk) or if you can't be bothered listing on Trademe. It is also a great way of picking up goods. I see a lot of excess fruit popping up for those with overladen trees, as well as household goods and excess building materials.

Anyway, one day these holidays I spotted some gorgeous kitchen cabinets on offer and I emailed the guy quick as a whip and said I could pick them up that evening. He got back to me and off we went to load up the car. We ended up walking away with nearly a complete kitchen with wooden cabinet fronts (which we can't use right now, but it has gone into Dave's stash pile of course).

So we had ourselves set up for some kitchen renovations we hadn't really planned for but were totally do-able. (By Dave - I just got in the way mostly)

Above our kitchen bench was a wooden shelf which housed our toaster and bazillion jars and bottles of sauces and spices. It was functional but messy. We decided on cutting out half of the shelf and putting one of the cabinets up in its place. It looks so much more classy!

We couldn't quite fit the two matching cabinets we had in the kitchen so the laundry got one too!

Not bad for a days work I must admit. We didn't even have the hassle of a non-functioning kitchen for weeks on end. I even got to unpack that box of wine glasses that has been taunting me since we moved. Not that I can utilize them at the moment. Sigh.

Back to work next week, must adjust my sleeping patterns accordingly!


  1. very cool and how awesome that they were free!!!

  2. ooh, very cool... i've now, too, gone and made an account on freecycle - it sounds pretty close to what i've been thinking about, actually. thanks for the tip!

  3. Those cupboards didn't just add beauty to your kitchen, but space for organization as well. Great job on the cupboard installation! I think you still have lots of renovations waiting for your kitchen, and I'll be looking forward to seeing your fabulous kitchen in the future. :)

    Traci Lawson @ BowValleyKitchens


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