Sunday, 19 January 2014

24 Weeks Pregnant

We have been having a couple of 30 degree days lately. Those roasting NW winds make me retreat to the cool of the house with an ice block in my hand.

This week:
  •  I get to say I'm 6 months pregnant!
  • Dave can feel some huge kicks from Baby C and likes to watch my tummy move when Baby C is moving around.
  • My belly is getting in the way now, it has grown so fast that I forget it's there. I find myself underestimating the gaps I can squeeze through and having to stand an extra step away from the bench at work.
  • It should be around 4 more weeks away that I get my next scan so I can finally find out whether Baby C is a boy or girl. 
  • We have ticked off the majority of our big ticket baby purchases now, bassinet, cot, buggy and capsule/carseat. It feels good to know that the biggest stuff is out of the way. True to form we got it all second hand and Dave has already finished the bassinet makeover. 
  • Baby C has been GROWING! My poor abs are putting up a huge fight and giving me grief sometimes. I also think they make Baby C sit back quite far so my back plays up too. But it all means that Baby C is fattening up.
  • Food Faves: Still no cravings! Just a desire for fresh fruit and I have been chowing down on large amounts of grapes and nectarines. 
  • I am getting more and more clucky, we spent some time with friends and their 5 week old girl and she slept on me for a good hour and it was bliss. It's hard to imagine the transition from giant belly to snuggly newborn though. 
  • I had my first week back at work after the holidays and survived 40 hours! Long may it last!


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