Thursday, 30 January 2014

26 Week Update

This week I am saying goodbye to my second trimester. Trimester numero tres looms ahead and I know that after the next few weeks of uncomfortableness, our baby will be here with us. Exciting!

This week:
  • Baby C is the size of a head of lettuce.
  • Baby C is having a great time using up all the space my tummy has to offer, but has been pretty chilled out the last couple of days.
  • Baby C's eyes are practicing blinking.
  • I am beginning to have some super uncomfortable days and nights where my back aches but I have a secret weapon I will be sharing with you in a day or two that gets me through.
  • I have my next series of blood tests coming up. I very much dislike getting blood taken from me so having three lots taken in three hours doesn't sound like fun. It is just routine Glucose testing but still. I plan on having some sort of delicious treat for lunch because you have to fast for 12hrs before hand!
  • Next scan day is only a couple of weeks away! Any votes on Boy or Girl?
  • Still no cravings but I am overheating to the max!
  • Dave has been treated to some powerful roundhouse kicks to the hand. I'm positive Baby C knows when Dad is there.
  • My belly button is still an innie.


  1. I vote boy. Sounds like a kung-fu maestro!!

  2. Wew!!! Amy you POPPED!!! Check you out, all super fabulous pregnant looking! You look great! :)



  3. Hello beautiful belly! Truly, I think a Baby Belly is one of the most attractive things! It looks good on you. :) I vote boy too.

  4. You look so good! Lovely belly :) I'm voting boy, too. Boys are cool.

  5. So excited for you! You're looking great and those blood tests will soon be a distant memory. Boy vote from me too :)


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