Wednesday, 15 January 2014

{DIY} Recycled Wood Fox Art

The wall above our bed has been empty since we moved in. Mostly because we needed some larger scale art, and also because I was too scared to put holes in the walls. Even though they are 'our' walls it still feels like a big deal.

When we moved in there was a bunch of skinny wooden battens shoved in the wood pile that Dave saw potential in. One nice sunny day later and we had a bunch of battens de-nailed, cut to size, arranged, re-nailed onto a frame and sanded back. This time I actually did everything except the sanding! I won't mention how frustrated I got at the hand-saw after having the luxury of power tools.

Dave and I decided on a fox image. Why do we like foxes so much? I think because I see them as a cross between a dog and a cat and they are pretty sneaky. Sounds like a pretty awesome animal to me!
We found an image we liked, made it poster sized and cut out the stencil. Well, Dave cut out the stencil.

We wanted clean lines on the edge of the fox so we decided not to use spray paint like we usually would. I traced around the stencil with pencil (rhyme) to get an outline so I could paint around it.

Once the fox was painted we gave it a rough sand, put a clear coat over top and we were done. A piece of art we created together to pretty up our bedroom.


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