Thursday, 2 May 2013

Rainbow Chevron Quilt

It has been quiet here on the blog lately, but it's because this happened:

We officially own our very first house! Things got a bit stressful at the end there and I am planning a blog post on First Home Buying In Canterbury Right Now. It's madness I tell you!

But more about that later, we have 6 weeks to pack up and sort out our stuffs. And we have plenty of it.

My latest project (I have two on the go but one is a secret) is a pretty Rainbow Chevron Quilt.
I am making it out of vintage floral sheets and the solid colours are from pillowcases.

I think the entire material for this quilt with a tonne left over was $20. Take that Spotlight! 
*Not including batting but I have a cheap source (Kutwell Fabrics).

I am in love with some of these fabrics! I couldn't find a red one because apparantly they weren't made in red! So I found some red floral in the scrap bin and it fits in perfectly.

Killer was 'helping' me lay out my pieces but what you don't see is her going mental and messing everything up. She loves it when I get the big sheets out and likes to hide under them. She also sits on everything important.

Photo bomb

I was hoping it would be double size but it looks like it will be a single quilt. I love when it is all spread out like this but it is highly impractical. 
So here is half of it, I have altered the green stripe to make it looks a bit more green - I found the solid green I bought! The rest is yet to be cut. So slowly but surely!


  1. AMY! I LOVE IT!! You are so amazing to take on a project like that - my mind boggles at the thought of keeping all those lines straight!

  2. congrats on a new house!! Whoot - exciting. Quilt looks awesome

  3. So excited for you about your new house!! And your quilt looks so pretty (as does your cat!) xx

  4. F R E A K I N G E X C I T I N G!!!!! Can't wait for you to move in - house warming party/lunch/dinner/blob-out. :)



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