Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lappys back!!

For nearly a year now, my poor laptop has been hibernating. I thought it was dead.
One day it just decided to just stop charging and I thought it was the end. I dealt with it gracefully. Dave made a frankenstien desktop with parts from work and we were web-capable again. That is all I needed. Apart from the convenience of a laptop I really didn't miss it for the most part. Dave was also happy because I wasn't always reaching for the lappy when we watched TV.

With House-Moving Day coming up close, Dave has packed down his computer and I was destined for updates from the web-isphere from my iPhone but since I sold some stuff on Trade Me I decided it was about time I brought my lappy back to life. I recently found out that lappy was not dead, but the charger was. Thanks to a third party seller on TM, all I needed was $40. Bargain.
And here we are again. All my favourite tabs saved up the top, two-finger scroll (it's a Mac) and best of all, my photo library!

So to treat you all I will delve into my photo archives. Enjoy!

 I was in a couple of girl bands at school. We were pretty awesome. I was the drummer.

 7th Form bonding. We went bowling in teams. Our team was the Goths.

 I was a surfer girl. Although I look like a boy here. With my mens boardshorts and gangster walk and Superman backpack.

 Girl band 2.0

What I have a degree in. Sound engineering! This was during the set up for a Rockquest in Dunedin during a snowstorm!

Phwoar! Some major shame-age here, feel lucky my dear readers!

Regular crafty blog posts will resume once my life and home is in order!


  1. Ohhhh my gosh these take me back!

  2. Hilarious photos! Adding to the boy-age of the surfer photo is because you can't see your togs/bikini (whatever you were wearing)! Nudey rudey! ;) And I love that someone's Mum (yours?) is in the background of the 7th form goths picture. She would have been so proud! ;)

  3. El-Oh-El!!! Oh ma gosh! This is awesome. :) You hottie!!! Imagine what your kids will think when they're teenagers and find out about this post lol!!


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