Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fancy-Pants TV

As a moving in present to ourselves (that's counted as a housewarming gift right?) we bought ourselves a new(ish) fancy-pants TV. Yes I know we are slightly behind the times here but that isn't the point.

It arrived today so we have a couple of weeks of getting used to it before we move in to our new place.

To make things even fancier, Dave decided that he would up-cycle some furniture to become the new TV cabinet.

This set of drawers we found on the side of the road in all of its brown veneered glory. It was so fresh on the curb we had to ask the owners if it was free. Lucky for us it was. Sadly we have no before picture of the ugly drawers.

Dave decided that he would take out the top two drawers and turn it into some shelves. This would make them able to house our array of gadgets. The white paint looks epic and ties in nicely with the rest of our furniture. I can't wait to see it in the new place!


  1. Its so awesome Amy! Well done you guys :) and good luck with the move!

  2. Cool new TV!! I love the TV cabinet/drawers - exactly like you described it the other day. Very cool, I like the colour of it too.

    OH! Days, only days to go 'til the big move!

  3. very nice. Love the TV cabinet and congrats on your new TV:)

  4. That looks amazing!! You painted veneer? I never know what to do with my veneer furniture. Any tips?? I'm madly in love with those drawers. The detailing on them is so cute! I notice you also got rid of that cat statue :)

  5. That makes a great Tv cabinet, love the detailing on the drawers! Good luck with your move :)


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