Friday, 15 May 2015

That Time I made 1.5m of Fabric Stretch to 4 Garments

disclaimer* Toddlers move FAST! So hard to get a non-blurry decent photo.

A while ago I bought the cutest pink and white woodland fleece from Spotlight on the clearance rack for some stupid cheap price (coz that's how I roll). I bought 1.5 meters of it and I'm kicking myself for not getting more!

I had initially seamed the edges and made a cot blanket out of it but I have a big puffy duvet that always ends up on top so it was a waste of beautiful fabric!

I was trawling the internet for some free children's sewing patterns and stumbled across a Raglan Sweatshirt Pattern in 12 month size! 

Coincidentally this coincided with a trip to an op shop that resulted in the purchase of a couple of meters of aqua polar fleece and some pink and blue ribbing for a whopping $2.

I originally planned on making an all-over pink hoodie and an all blue one but I figured why not mix it up!

The result was two amazing hoodies, one for Addison and one for her friend.

I figured I still had enough pink fabric left to make another sweatshirt without the hood. I found some black fleece (old trackpants) and ta-da!

Finally with the last remaining scraps of pink fabric I cut out some trackpants. Sadly there is hardly any stretch in the fleece so they are pretty tight and restricting but I still managed to get a tracksuit photo! Work it!

I am in love with this pattern, I might have to try and stockpile more sweatshirting fabric to make matching family ones for us all (Dave will flat out refuse though - I just know it!).

It feels good to sew again.

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  1. That matching tracksuit is RAD!!!! You are so talented


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