Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dear Addison - 12 Months

Dear Addison,

This was the month you turned ONE! A whole year since you entered this world and how much you have grown!

This month was a huge month for you in terms of learning skills, and I have a feeling that each month you are going to overwhelm us with what you have learned to do.

Crawling finally happened at 12.5 months. There wasn't any hands-and-knees-rocking, you just got the strength to lift your tummy off the ground and off you went! Like you knew all along but just didn't want to. It took a few days before you realised you could explore more than just the lounge and you tentatively made your way around the house - first stop: cat food. That was quickly moved to a harder to reach area. Now you follow us around the house like a little dog.

We have had the pleasure of introducing our old friends to Christchurch as they have just moved here. They have a 2.5 year old daughter and you adore her! She calls you 'Assanyn' and you try to copy everything she does. You favourite game together is Chase - where she runs around the house and you crawl after her giggling like mad. She does a high pitched squeal/giggle and you have copied that too which is currently adorable!

Your motor skills have been developing super fast too. You have mastered clapping, waving and hi-5s. Quite often I am out walking with you and notice people waving, and you are just sitting in your pram waving away with a big cheesy grin. What a charmer! 

One of your favourite things to do is swing. We have a swing at home that we really should use more often. You love to have the biggest push we can manage and sit there giggling away until you stop, then grizzle until we push you again. Another favourite is hi-fiving at the apex of the swing. Who needs two hands to hold on!

Teething has begun again, all four of your first set of molars are bulging at the seams but so far none have cut. You aren't doing too well with these big beasties and fair enough! You have been waking up in pain so there has been lots of Bonjela and Pamol and Teething Powder. Poor girl, it can't be much fun!

Food is another of your favourite things. You try almost everything we offer you, even if you don't eat it again for a while. Your current wins are: Weet-bix with stewed apple, feijoas, smoothies, raisins, chicken, kumara chips and anything sweet. You recently learned how to dip your food. We squirt some tomato/bbq sauce on the tray and you dip your food into it. We get some very odd food+dip combos but we just leave you to it.

Your twelfth month has been amazing. We are getting a sneak peek into the little girl you are becoming and we love it. I see a beautiful, sensitive and strong soul with a big heart and even bigger smile.
Love you to bits xx

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