Friday, 15 May 2015

Dear Addison - 11 Months

Dear Addison,

Your 11th month was so jam-packed that I'm writing this a whole month late! So forgive me if there are more photos than words this time!

11 months for you still held no crawling, some of your little friends were taking their first steps about now but you were super happy to hang out in your spot and use you go-go-gadget arms to reach whatever you needed. You became very clever at slowly stepping around furniture but you hadn't quite mastered the pulling yourself up or getting back down part. You favourite place was to be standing up leaning on the coffee table/trunk playing with your toys.

Your teeth situation was nice and placid this month, you had 8 teeth and you were happy! You eat a LOT of food and a snack bag began to be needed anytime we went out to keep you happy.

 You had your first Easter this year - you were born Easter weekend last year but it doesn't count. We traveled down to Timaru to have a reunion of our friends from our time living in Invercargill. 10 Adults and 3 children plus 2 cooking (Not me!) It was amazing and crazy but still so much fun and I am so glad that even though we seem to make friends that you only see every few years - it feels like no time has passed when you catch up.

A dear friend made you an Easter bunny toy and set up an Easter egg hunt for us to do and you got your very own Easter egg! It was your first taste of chocolate and you practically inhaled it! You even chewed it through the foil, like you knew the deliciousness that lay inside. 

Park trips were on the agenda and the swing is a firm favourite. We have one at our house and you will spend a good 20 minutes in there just swinging away with a grin on your face. You like big pushes!

Timaru - Down at Caroline Bay

Learning to smile like Daddy


First See-saw

Easter egg chomping

Much better Easter egg chomping
 Your baby cousin came round a couple of time to hang out and you were so fascinated and excited to see a baby. You still can't control your excitement and ended up doing a bit of arm flailing close to his face so you were moved to a safer distance. It won't be long until you two are causing havoc together!

Focused on baby cousin

Excited to hang with baby Cousin!
There was a bit of excitement this month because your 1st birthday was creeping up super fast. You had both sets of grandparents and Uncle Dan down so we spent lots of time together before the big party!

You are so charming, little lady. You have a smile for most people and capture their hearts so fast. Love you to the moon and back!

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