Thursday, 29 January 2015

Woodland Felt Mobile

This project was one of those ones where it's pretty much all done and just needs finishing touches but for some reason you leave it and end up forgetting about it. Sometime last year my gorgeous friend Rosita started coming to visit me and Addison on Wednesday afternoons, I so love these times together and along with eating lunch and going for a walk to pick up my veggies from our local co-op we settle into a craft.

This mobile is pretty clearly inspired by Pinterest. I added the toadstools in though so I feel like I can claim it. Rosita made the owl and the bunny and I made the toadstools and the fox and sewed the faces on. I had all the elements sitting there ready to hang but for some reason it took me until about Christmas time to grab a stick from the garden and string it all together. Now it is hanging above the change table but I waited too long because Addison can now reach up and grab it and yank it down so it might have to go to a safe place in her room!

How do you like that wall colour? Assaulting to your eyes? It isn't so bad in a whole room of it but I am happy to say we have finally got our bums into gear, chosen our paint colours and are veeeery slowly starting all the hard and boring prep work that leads to painting! Addisons' room is up first as well as the exterior. So many windows to strip and sand! I have been a busy beaver stripping wallpaper and after a week I nearly have it done (since it is only available during awake time). Then to prep the cracked gib, plaster, sand, plaster, sand and PAINT! Wohoo!

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  1. They turned out so cute! You did a good job with their faces ๐Ÿ˜Šwhen you're finished prep I like painting?! Although not very steady at cutting in ๐Ÿ˜‰


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