Friday, 25 July 2014

Rainbow Chevron Quilt

A long, long time ago I started making this quilt. I had the pieces all cut and sewn into rows and for some reason it got shoved away and forgotten about. When I finally had the inspiration to dig it out I remembered why I got stuck.

Originally I had all the coloured rows separated by a strip of white. Now this quilt is made up of vintage sheets and pillowcases so I only had limited material to work with so the width of the quilt ended up being around about single bed size. With the white strips in between the rows, the length of the quilt top became a bit out of control and would probably only work for the worlds tallest basketball player. My intentions at the time were to somehow add a border and widen it a lot but I couldn't make myself do it.

Once I dragged it out again last month I decided to rip it apart and take out the white strips. This made the quilt so much more manageable and became a perfect single bed size. The white strips got sewn together and became the binding which I hand stitched onto the back. I used the leftover sheet material to make a slap dashed quilt back that was vaguely rainbow coloured. I bought some batting and quilted along the chevron lines.

The plan was to do a bunch more machine quilting but silly me didn't line up the points of the chevrons so it would have ended up all puckered and funny looking. Lesson learnt.

Now I have a pretty, bright coloured quilt to keep me warm over the rest of winter and hopefully it will become a special quilt for Addison when she is in a big girl bed in a year or so.

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