Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mama Made: Crossover Baby Hoodie

Pattern courtesy of Leafy Treetop Spot (free PDF download)

The other day I finally got round to sorting through and throwing out/giving away my old clothes. You know, the ones that you keep *just in case I fit it again* or *I'll definitely wear that again*. I figured enough was enough and ditched the clothes that didn't make the cut. There are some 'maybe's' though that lasted this round.

Anyway the point to that ramble was that in the midst of those clothes being re-homed, I found a pair of tracksuit pants that I had worn maybe once. The insides were still nice and fluffy and I had a thought that I could use the material from these pants to make a hoodie for Addison. Because do you see black hoodies for babies around anywhere?

I trawled the interwebs and found a free pattern for a hoodie I liked, then printed it out, and cut out my pieces. If I hadn't made a mistake and cut the wrong side of the hood a couple more times than necessary, then I would have had enough tracksuit fabric to make two hoodies. TWO! Baby clothes are so tiny and awesome.

The lining/ribbing I used is actually a t-shirt that has been cut up. Because can someone tell me where you can get awesome stretch fabric?

I followed the pattern and decided that I wanted my hood to be contrasting so I just flipped it inside out before attaching it to the jersey.

Because my model was sleeping while all this was taking place, I couldn't try the jersey on her for fit. The pattern is for 0-3 months and Addison is coming up 4 months but is pretty small for her size. Next time I make this I will try and alter the pattern to be slightly wider, longer in length and make the hood a bit deeper.

Other than that I am stoked at how well this turned out considering my (lack of) skills. I even managed to do relatively straight top stitching around all the seams.

And of course here are the obligatory cute shots of my darling girl - who is smiling for the camera for once!

It is getting harder and harder to photograph her these days - her limbs are constantly flailing all over the show!


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