Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dear Addison - 3 Months

Addison my darling girl you are growing up right before our eyes! I must have mummy brain because those long nights when you were brand new seem so long ago. You are starting to really become your own person now. If I was to describe you in 3 words they would be: Cuddly, Chilled and Observant. For the most part anyway. I did just spend the entire afternoon trying to get you to take a nap.

You spend your days a lot more awake now and I am having to find lots of games to play and songs to sing. You like to lie back and sit up as long as we say 'Weeeeeeee', you lie under your play gym and try to grab the rings, you smile and almost laugh at fart noises and you get the most proud look on your face when you are 'on top of the mountain' (standing up on my bent knees).

You are not a fan of tummy time at all, we think it hurts your tummy and you have shown no interest in rolling. You have however, found your hands. They are in your mouth or trying to get to your mouth at every opportunity and you are starting to grab things.

We have had a breakthrough in your sleeping habits - long may it last! At bang on 11 weeks you slept through the night for the first time - 11pm-8am. Since then you have slept through almost every night aside from the odd few where you had a feed at 4 or 5am then straight back to sleep until 9ish. I am still just as tired though and I think I just have a lot of sleep to catch up with.

We have you sleeping in your bassinet in the lounge where the fire (or heatpump) keeps you warm but we are starting to think about moving you into your cot in your own room. It is first on the renovation list so hopefully we can get it done by the end of winter.

We have been going on a lot of walks lately with your friends from Plunket. We discovered that you like to be sitting up in the pram so you can see what is going on. You sit there just quietly looking around until you fall asleep.

I call your routine 'flexible'. Nights are generally the same but during the day and evening I find that I can get you to fit in with whatever plans without much drama. Thanks for making that part easy!

The best parts of my day are when I pick you up from your bed in the mornings and you give me the hugest smiles. I also love when your Daddy gets home and you treat him to lots of smiles and the beginnings of giggles when he makes monkey sounds.

You are beautiful and loved little one.

xx Mum and Dad


  1. Love the photo of you and her, so beauitful x

  2. she sounds like such a sweet little girl Amy! You are glowing, and Dave looks completely in love x


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