Thursday, 21 November 2013

Week 16 Update

This week:
  • Baby is the size of an Avocado! I don't quite know sometimes where he/she is hiding in there though!
  • My belly gets bigger during the day so when I go to bed at night it feels pretty solid. Time to start the Bio Oil I think.
  • Baby can scrunch up its eyes if I shine a light on my tummy.
  • Baby can now hear my voice!
  • Scan is booked in for Dec 17th! 
  • Food faves: Bacon sandwiches on white bread with mayo, apples (of which I am the noisiest of eaters), mashed potato and gravy (always), bread - savoury scrolls from Countdown to be be specific.
  • Food uh-uhs - Minced beef or eggs on their own. Or the smell of either cooking. Not enough to make me chuck but enough to make me need to remove myself from the room. We are having nachos tonight so the sour cream and cheese should disguise the mince taste.
  • Morning sickness is now seeming to only be a weekly occurance as opposed to its usual daily. WIN! I still am nauseous between 6.30-9am but it is way more bareable.
  •   I am starting the hunt for some of the bigger baby items - a cot and a bassinet. We ticked off the pram a few weeks ago (yay for trademe). We bought this one with the carrycot if you were wondering.
  • Overall I am feeling pretty awesome this week, almost enough to forget I'm pregnant until I reach up too far or get up too fast. I won't mention any of the less glamorous symptoms :P


  1. Awesome! Boo, our basinet is a family one - its going to my brother next, due around the same time as you! :)

    You're looking Fab Amy!! x

  2. Yay baby! And oh yes bacon sandwiches!

  3. Exciting much!!! You have a beautiful pregnant glow, wearing it with pride. :) Hot mama.


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