Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vintage Sheet Dress

Remember how I told you yesterday that I had finished TWO projects? Well this is the second one!

Made on impulse out of an old vintage sheet, I followed an approximate pattern of one of my trusty dresses. And by approximate I literally mean I traced around it. But hey it worked!

What didn't work was my cameras white balance! I sincerely hope I am not that pasty but I fear it is true.

I lined the top piece but left the skirt unlined. Lining is not my strong suit so I just winged it and with a few adjustments (read: lots of unpicking) I managed to make it work.

I love the purple floral with a hint of blue thrown in for good measure. The print is really delicate and less busy than a lot of other vintage sheets I have lying around.

So while I still fit the dress (not much room for my expanding belly and other things) you may see me wearing the heck out of it.



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