Thursday, 13 June 2013


We did it. We made it into our first home. It still feels like it's a flat, like we have to give it up or ring the landlord but I think slowly it is sinking in that this little house is ours. For as long as we want it. To do whatever we want with. We already have Plans. Dreams. To make this place better, more accessible, more us.

But first, how awesome is the door knocker!! It was already on the door! Perfect for this crafty fox.
Here are some snippets of our house - more when I remember where I put the camera cable!

The Pizza Oven. Bath attached. Severely damaged from the earthquake but who knows what will happen this summer!

My craft space. In the lounge. The only other thing I can't find is my box of trinkets to go in the printing frame.

The mantlepiece. Makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Dave getting stuck into some landscaping. Our 'established section' has become less Jungle and more Cottage. We got two trailer loads of green waste from that afternoons effort!

Finally, the fireplace. So stoked (pun) to finally have a fireplace to keep this house cozy. Added bonus of a heatpump too for those nights we are too lazy or not in for long.

I am excited to do house tours as we become more and more hospitable. Invite yourself over for dinner sometime, we would love to have you! It's board game weather too.



  1. This is just the greatest blog ever. Congrats Amy and Dave. How exciting !!!!

  2. FANTABULOUS!!! I can't wait to come over for dinner ;)

    I'm SO 'stoked' you guys are in YOUR home now! SO SO awesome!



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