Saturday, 22 June 2013

Diary of a Derby Girl {Two Months In}

I can't believe that more than two months have gone by since I began skating. It seems like forever but also like I am still such a newbie. (I am, no doubt  about that!)

We are getting more into the swing of things now, Fresh Meat trainings are more familiar, coaches generally know our names, and our group of freshies is becoming quite tight.

Looking back on my last post, I can already see my progress. The basic skills are becoming second nature and I am getting stronger. The most obvious case is my balance on my bad leg (we all have one side that Just.Won't.Work). Two weeks ago I was only able to get my foot off the ground for a millisecond, now I can confidently glide around one straightaway and one corner (as per skills test requirements).

Speaking of skill tests, we have our non-contact basic skills test tomorrow. Covering the easy and not-so-easy basic skills. You may have heard that the Minimum Skills Requirements have been updated at the beginning of the year. The most contested of these is the change from 25 laps in 5 minutes to 27 laps in 5 minutes. Thats 11.1 seconds per lap! Luckily we are not being tested on that part just yet. We are focussing on whether we can skate correctly, if we can balance well, if we can stop quickly and if we can fall without being a danger to others or ourselves.
I am quietly confident that I will pass, although any slight mistake could change that (be nice please Mrs Assessor!)
Wish us freshies luck!

Photography credits: Pamela Wade Photography & Amber Field

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