Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our *temporary* Home {Garage}

Showcasing my temporary home to inspire others and prove that organised clutter can look good!

Due to popular demand, I decided to add another room into this series. The Garage. (There may also be another one with Dave's Studio but he will have to tidy it first!)

Our garage isn't used for housing cars (sadly), but it is the home of a whole lot of 'we-might-need-it-one-day' junk. As well as all of Dave's tool collection.

The Workbench. I am assuming that this is organised, it seems to be clean and free from the usual clutter. Some things I can spot are: Saws, clamps, a vice (or 2), radio, battery charger, drawers for organizing screws, drill bits and tonnes more. (see how well you educated me Dave!)

The power drill pile. The belt sander is the latest addition.

The other day the neighbours put the wooden 'man-robe' on the kerb so we promptly relocated it and Dave claimed it for storage. 'It wouldn't do up that nice Amy' he said. Hidden agenda or what!

The other side of the garage, spray paint wall, projects to fix, a drum stack, MY surfboard, general bits and bobs.

The file collection. Thanks Sam.

This is Dave's furnace. He melts metal in it. It gets pretty darn hot. It runs on LPG and, in laymans terms, has a bunsen burner on steriods, which gets fed into a pot lined with concrete, in which sits a crucible with the metal to be melted in. Phew. I'm surprised I know this actually.

Eventually Dave will have perfected how to make molds of objects (think chess pieces) to cast out of metal. 

Dave's shed is definitely his man-cave and his sanctuary. He always has a tonne of projects on the go and more ideas in his head. He likes to teach me how stuff works and how to use power tools and I think he can do absolutely anything (apparently not everything though).


  1. Wowzers. That is a shed a man can be proud of.

  2. its so organised, our garage is a tip, and you can barely get in the door. husband reckons he knows where 'everything' is though he might have to break a leg to get at it!


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