Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY - Roll-up Art Supply Holder

A friend has a birthday coming up so I thought - at the last minute - that I would make her a fabric case for her very expensive Copic Markers (for drawing comic books!).

You will need:
- A piece of fabric - I used calico, approx 60cm x 35cm
- Co-ordinating fabric for the binding - 65cm x 20cm approx
- Co-ordinating thread
- A sewing machine
- An iron (if you are fussy - I'm not)

Step One - Cut the two strips from the binding fabric - 65cm x 4cm each. This will become the binding for the top and middle.

To make binding, grab your iron (safely) and iron each strip in half lengthways. Then unfold the fabric and fold each long edge into the middle crease. Iron.

Place the binding on each long edge of the calico. It should fit over like a 'V' with the calico sandwiched inside.

Stitch as close as you can to the edge of the binding and repeat for the other edge of the calico.

Step Two - Fold up the calico to create a pocket that will comfortably fit the length of a marker pen or paintbrush. Pin in place and create another strip of binding. Cut this strip in half and sew binding down each side of the case. Tuck ends over before sewing.

Step 3 - Insert the marker and pin along side it. You want this pocket to be snug but still easy to get the pen into and out of.

Sew down this line from the middle row of binding to the bottom. Reverse at each end.

Step 4 - Continue sewing the lines at even intervals until you reach the end of the case.

Insert the pens then fold down the top flap.

Step Five - To finish this case, you need to make two ties. With the last of the binding fabric, cut two strips approx 30cm x 2cm. Make binding as usual (but on a smaller, more fiddly scale). Sew down the folded side as close to the edge as you can. Iron.

Attach both these ties at one end of the case by sewing them on and reversing a couple of times.

Roll the case up and wrap the ties around to secure.

Enjoy your pretty art supply case!

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