Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cow Print Footstool - Re-Upholstered

Last weekends project was to finally re-cover this footstool. It had been waiting for some fabric because the stuff I was going to use was too short.
I finally made it to Kutwell Fabrics and hunted for suitable fabric, and nothing caught my eye. Then all of a sudden I saw this cow print fabric and had a revelation. I could cover the stool in this fabric* and give it to two of my amazing friends!

* The cow print refers to their last name (Mutu) which they lovingly refer to as moo2. Baby moo2 has a very awesome cow onesie and a cow print cup so I was just going with the trend..)

As I was buying the fabric I realised that it was quite thin and a bit see-through so I decided to grab some calico to put underneath. Kutwell is a seriously amazing bargain fabric store, they have the basics (calico, batting, zips etc) for super cheap and although their fabric selection may not be 'on trend' they still have a wide range of fabrics.

Anyway the point of that promo was to say that the total price for 1.5m calico and 1.5m cow print was $7. What the!

The Re-Upholstry Run Down

Like usual, the first step was to remove the black fabric underneath the footstool with a pointy tool to remove the staples. I use the flat head screwdriver attachment on my multi-tool.

The next step was removing more staples that held on the fabric.

Once the staples were pulled, the fabric was removed to reveal the bare-bones footstool.

I sanded the chipped varnish off the legs of the stool at this point.

I unpicked the fabric I had just removed and used that as the pattern for my new calico and cow print layers.

Following the same seam lines that were on the original fabric, I sewed down each corner of the calico fabric and tried it on the stool. Each corner sat well so I went ahead and pulled it tight and stapled it on.

I followed  the same process with the cow print fabric but when I tried it on the stool, one of the corners was a bit too tight so I had to unpick and sew the seam a bit smaller. 

I stapled down the cow fabric carefully then stapled a new piece of leftover calico underneath because the old black piece was getting a bit ratty.

I am really amped about how this footstool turned out! It was way out of my comfort zone using fabric like this but I really love how funky it looks.

I hope the Moo2's are enjoying their footstool and get a smile on their face when they put their feet up!

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  1. LOVE the footstool! And hey, cow print is totally on trend ;)


    1. Haha thanks Soph! You better be careful, I keep seeing it everywhere!

  2. it's hard to believe its the same stool! what a lovely present x

    1. Thanks Max, Its amazing what some different fabric can do! All the best for your new bubba!!

  3. looks great :o) i bought some fab linen for stitching on from there a while ago

    1. So cheap right?! good for the basics you can't justify shelling out for.

  4. It looks awesome! Definitely trendy! Thanks for linking up :)

  5. I recovered a footstool this week too.
    Love how yours turned out.

  6. Hey Amy! The foot stool lookstotally fab!!! Job well done. You make me want to keep my eyes open for one myself now for a cute project (like I need more projects... lol). Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. fabulous makeover of your foot stool. Instantly modern! great work

    I posted up my daughters dress today on my blog for show n tell. ;)

  8. Just love your stool. I am really into black and white at the moment - so versatile in a home scheme. Clever you.

  9. Love the cow print!....reminds me off some chairs I did years ago for our first house :)


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