Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Crafty Adventure of a Different Kind

 One of my greatest friends has started The Sisterhood - many of you know of this movement of women helping others and spreading a little love and kindness.

Our most recent love-bombing mission was a ninja cookie drop, sneakily leaving some delicious baking at a nominated house, a wonderful surprise for the people on the other end!

I must admit I totally forgot all about my pledge to do some baking until 10pm the night before it needed to be delivered. But it was good fun doing a late night supermarket run (yay for supermarkets open past 9pm!) and filling the house with the smell of cookies late at night. A few may have been test tasted.

The next day we did a drive by of the house and parked down the road a bit. Luckily there was a high fence so I could sneak past to the letter-box, but I could see someone in the kitchen so I had to be extra careful. I had to leave the cookies on the ground below the mailbox but the bright pink ribbon would have caught their eye. I hope it got found!

It was the right way up on my computer I swear!

For more on The Sisterhood, visit Sophie's blog - Sophie Slim

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