Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sonic Update and an Upholstery Fail

I am pretty excited! Well over halfway through my Sonic :)

I can get a couple of squares done during my lunch-break now and the last week has been spent joining all the squares together. 139 squares to go though. By the time summer rolls around Sonic should be all ready to be folded away looking toward next winter!

Now what is this upholstery fail you ask? Surely Amy can't have failed at something?
Well I know it may be hard to believe but I am not all pretty rainbows and sunshine.

After successfully upholstering this footstool I mentioned I might give an armchair a makeover.
Here it is:

Now this chair is part of two lounge suites we have in similar styles but we prefer the chairs from the other suite. It was given to a friend for his flat but somehow made its way back to us. Since we have no room for it in our lounge it was banished to the garage until I had the great idea of giving it a makeover.

I took up this challenge with passion and started pulling out the staples on the bottom piece of material to see how it would all come apart. I had my face up close as I pulled the fabric away...

...and this ginormous spider was in my face. Now those springs you see aren't small. That thing is at least a good 2 inches across. Also, that white dot underneath is that spiders legacy which is now hanging out in the vacuum cleaner bag. The spider got a decent spray with flyspray and was shown around before being thrown 'buried' in the garden.

So between the spider, the rusted bolts that I could not get undone, and the fact that I well underestimated how much fabric I would need (8m!) this project was put into the too-hard pile.

The chair (spider-free) is up for grabs if anyone wants it :)

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  1. surely! Not Amy!!

    (seriously wish this post came with a pre spider warning! Gurelhigofshls)


  2. Oh, and well done on sonic too! Good job piecing him together before you get over it! Thats the most annoying bit I reckon, so good tactics!


  3. lol- I'm sure the spider enjoyed his comfy home! Its nice to hear that sometimes with our best intentions craft projects just fail! The blanket is looking awesome!!

  4. You can advertise the chair as 'Spider Manchair' :)


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