Thursday, 9 August 2012

Re-Upholstered Footstool

I picked up this spew-green velour footstool from the local recycling store for $25 a couple of weeks ago. A bit pricey as far as second-hand items go but I had a vision and some spare money in my craft budget.

This sucker is tufted with fabric covered buttons, new territory for me.

In any case, I did my usual business of pulling it apart mostly intact and copying the pattern.

I decided not to use matching piping around the edges and instead of putting in 8 buttons, I used 6.

The fabric I found was a serious bargain. I headed to Spotlight and checked out the clearance section and found some fabric I liked for $10 per metre. I looked up and saw a sign that said '50% off marked price' - SCORE! there was only 5m left on the roll so I bought the whole thing for $25! I have enough leftover fabric to potentially cover a chair I have lying around - stay tuned!

I also painted the footstool cream, with the same paint I used to re-style this desk.

Another thing I must mention is the fact that I needed an extra long needle to sew on the buttons, I asked Dave if he had anything suitable in the shed and he made me a needle out of a piece of steel. He MADE me a needle, crazy ay! He banged one end flat and drilled the 'eye' then got the grinder out and ground the other end to a point while it was rotating in his drill. I love that man.

Anyway, as usual I made a huge mess of the lounge when I was working on this project and only managed to take a couple of photos of the process so here you go:

The fabric cut to size

Checking out what it will look like
 And without further ado... here is the finished product!

Killer made an appearance in the photoshoot

Put to good use
What do you think of the fabric? I know it is a footstool and light fabric wasn't the greatest choice but I will enforce the 'socks or clean slippers only' rule. It was a bit of a step away from my usual Damask pattern I gravitate towards and Dave was a bit surprised but I had stripes in my mind when I first saw the spew-green footstool. 

I have well and truly got the upholstery bug so Cantabrians - keep an eye out for good bargains for me!

p.s I totally got the stripes to match! WIN!


  1. You did a great job! Well done.

  2. Flamin' awesome :) It's ultra-mod now. Gooo Amyyyy!

  3. You always do such a professional job on things! Well done

    1. Haha I only photograph the good bits. Just don't look underneath!

  4. Yet again, you amaze me (seriously, if you keep this up I'm going to expect amazement all the time and then my expectations will be so high I wont be amazed. Watch out, dangerous territory!)

    This is so profesh and good looking! I hope you can make a matching chair too! Fabulous!!

    (I saw that spot light sign, I didn't realise it counted clearance items. i am gutterd)

    DAVE! You crafty raccoon! Making a needle *rolls eyes* of course. You two were made for each other!!


    1. argh lower those expectations! NOW! I don't want to disappoint you!

  5. Wonderful makeover the colours.
    Getting stripes to match, ain't easy, well done...

    Claire :}

  6. It's great. Turned out so well. I love the colours and am such a sucker for white furniture at the moment. Fantastic. Cx

    1. Thanks, yea all this french country stuff is rubbing off on me

  7. Oh my gosh!! Seriously, it is my couch's soul mate! Haha! I am soooo impressed at that handiwork! The cushion is perfect!


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