Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goings on Lately

Despite all my good bloggy intentions I seem to be leaving it longer and longer between posts. On the plus side, not having my laptop means that my screen time is significantly reduced :)

I have a few projects I have been working on lately, as well as a couple that Dave has worked on.

The first is another footstool. I picked it up at the local charity barn for around $3. It was slightly buried in a pile of stuff but i picked it out straight away.

I pulled off the old fabric and found some interesting retro fabric underneath. I also used the same fabric as my last footstool but they are totally different styles
And the finished result....

It still needs some feet on it but it is still functional as it is.

In other goings on I have started another quilt...

It is made of thrifted fabrics, a nice bright yellow tablecloth, a pink toned floral sheet, some white and a brown and yellow toned floral sheet.

And Dave's latest project was painting our huge hutch dresser we have had since we first got married. It was a light pine colour and housed our DVDs and bits and pieces but we decided to move it to our dining room and give it a new lease on life.

Here is how it turned out...

My sewing table also got relocated so now we have a bit of a theme going on in our dining room.
I know my photos aren't straight either but that section of our room is on a pretty decent lean from the earthquakes. So in real life the perspective looks a bit off too.

So things are all go as usual. My sonic blanket is getting closer and closer to being finished which is exciting too!

Plus we busted out the BBQ this afternoon and had a lunch in the sun. It has been dearly missed. (Both the sun and the BBQ)

Enjoy the nice sunny day and pretty blossoms!


  1. AWESOME!! LOVE the footstool and your cabnit looks FANTASTIC!!!

    You could display all your dishes and mugs in the cuppboards or just pretty things! LOVE x

    1. Thanks! We just bought another cabinet for $1 on trademe and we are going to do it up to sell :)

    2. You bought a hutch for $1?!! What am I doing with my life.

  2. The cabinet looks amazing! We have a shabby chic/rustic-y table at work at it's like $2000 and my workmate wants to buy it. I'm all like like pssssh my friend makes that kinda stuff it her spare time and it's better than that.
    Also I have a surprise for you!
    Also ^ Hi Sophie!!


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Miriam! So good to see you the other night!

  4. Oh my gosh. Was that hutch there the other day? It looks freakingamazingness! I love how you've made it a 'kettle&tea-stuff-station'.

    Quilt is looking gooood!

    Cool surprises underneath fabric! "Meow meow Meweeoooowwwww," hello Killer!

    1. Nope it lived in our lounge until Saturday. I fabric taped my tea-and-stuff jars so they match hehe.

      Killer is in every single photoshoot I do. She is one social butterfly

  5. love these posts of yours, and super love the hutch make over, I am on the look out to do exactly the same but havent found a hutch I like, that will fit out smaller dining/kitchen area, that I can afford BUT I did notice one of the second hand stores we visit is doing a 50% off spring deal every thursday and friday so fingers crossed!!!!


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