Friday, 13 July 2012

Sonic Blanket Update #2

So two days ago, my laptop died. Its a Mac, Daves hand-me-down so its done some hard yards. I have a feeling it could just be the charger that died. The red charging light stopped working about a week ago, even though it kept charging. Then it stopped charging.

Anyway, the point of that whinge was to say that all my photos and plans are on that hard drive. But all is not lost! I am the awesome type of person that keeps all photos on their camera until the memory is full, then only deletes the ones she HAS to.
Also, I have my blog memories.

So when I was hunting for the photo I posted about what my sonic blanket would look like, I made a hard copy of the plan so I can refer to it easily.

Wanna see where I am up to now?

Keep in mind there was an entire week where I didn't pick up my crochet hook...

I am also missing the bright blue and the tan colour (I haven't found the right shades yet) so for now I am just working my way up, doing outline and now his gloves.

I am getting to be pretty ninja at making these, I can do one in about 6-7min.

So far so good! It is starting to take shape!

This was my Creative Space for the week :)

Another crafty making I did this week was a little name plaque for our flatmate.

He loves comics, and I reckon this fits him well.

I made this out of the same sheet of copper I used to make over this tissue box.

Same technique, I used a ball-point pen to press into the thin copper to make an indentation, then coloured over the whole thing with black vivid, then wiped it off with turps to leave the indentation marked.

Anyway, its now officially the end of my work week, I am looking forward to a couple of days off to get things done.

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  1. That looks awesome! Its going to be huge. What colour will make up the background around sonic?


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