Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tutorial: The 5 Fat Quarter Scarf

Remember that felt fox I made last week? Well in the same prize pack I won, there were 5 fat quarters in various bright prints. I didn't want to go and buy more fabric to go with what I had, so I searched the mighty Google for things to make with fat quarters. Lo and behold I found a tutorial for a scarf (handy since it is freezing here) that needed 5 fat quarters (how convenient! Exactly how many I had!)

I followed a tutorial based on one over at Tea Rose Home but I was organized and took photos along the way so I thought I would give you a simple run down of how I did it.

My 5 fat quarters
1. Cut each of your fat quarters into 6 strips. I cut off the selvedge and worked along from there. I cut each in half, then in thirds.

2. Next, lie the strips in 6 rows of 5. Play around with the arrangement so you are happy with how each row looks with its neighbours.

3. I offset every second row so all the seams wern't in the same place, this may affect how you placed each strip so choose carefully! (I didn't mean to have the oranges so close together but it happened somehow)

4. Sew all strips together in long strips first, then join each row.

My birthday rotary cutter. So sharp and easy!
5. Fold the scarf in half lenthwise so the right sides are together. Cut off any excess material on each end from off-setting the rows.

6. Fold the end of the scarf up on a 45 degree angle and cut. (Feel free to use a neater way of doing this if you are more of a perfectionist than me!)

(You may now also iron your seams if you so desire)

7. Keep the scarf folded and sew around all edges, leaving a hole along the side to pull the scarf in on itself.

8. Trim the corners and pull the scarf right way out. Use a pen or similar to bring the ends to a nice point.

9. Iron the scarf so the seams sit flat.

10. Top stitch close to the edge of the scarf all the way around and take this opportunity to sew the gap closed as you go.

11. Iron again if it needs it, otherwise - CONGRATULATIONS! You just made a super awesome bright scarf.

Note: The fabric may feel a bit stiff, throw it through the wash or wear it lots and it will wear itself in.

How I wore it:

This scarf makes me feel a little bit brighter about a bleak winter ahead. It will get used heaps.

If you make one, please share photos, I would love to see what combinations you come up with!


  1. That looks awesome! Good job you! I might have to put this on my to do list!

    1. Thanks! I'm not the worlds best/most accurate sewer but I am impressed at how this turned out!

  2. Awesome! It definitely looks way awesome on, haha, I found it really hard to imagine what it would look like when it was just in the photo by itself but was pleasantly surprised at the end! Great job Amy! x

    1. Yea, they aren't colours I would pick for me but I have grown to like them in this scarf. You can always use it as a table runner if it fails as a scarf

  3. Oh my gosh it is SO COOL!!! Stoked!!

    1. Thanks Holly! You inspire me to be more of a perfectionist :D In a good way

  4. wow, this looks awesome! so many lovely fabrics together.


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