Monday, 18 June 2012

Op Shop Finds

Saturday gave me a quick opportunity (pun intended) to head to our local (sort of) Salvation Army store. I say sort of because the closest two have closed because of earthquakes.

Anyway, I picked up a few good bargains, for the nice total of $5

A pretty picture frame

A pillowcase with pretty material and a single bed duvet cover with a honeycomb pattern

Some new sheet music for crafts and a tiny crochet hook
Not bad huh.

I have also been out spotting some funny stuff and photographing it:

In the self-serve drink bay at McDonalds - I just paid for my drink, I think I'll have some water.

I'd like a set of Wenches please!


  1. No way! I grew up sleeping under a quilt with that exact pattern as the one you got from the op-shop, just different colours! Yay! Now my own daughter has it on her bed. I still love it.

    1. How awesome! It is so cute, I'm tossing up whether or not to keep it or chop it up for material..


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