Thursday, 21 June 2012

From T-Shirt to Cushion

Dave has a band t-shirt he loves, but it got into a bit of a pink accident with a towel. So he never wore said t-shirt again in public. He suggested I turn it into a cushion for him. I figured what the hey, I can do that. So I did.

Edit: Credit for this idea came from the beautiful Rosita Kennedy!

Pretty cool ay! The band, if you are interested, is August Burns Red. You may want to turn down your speakers slightly.

The other project I undertook at the same time was turning a wee tote bag into a cushion.

Its already a cushion at this stage, I just pretended the straps were still on :P

This tote bag was a $2 charity donation with purchase at Typo. I stuffed both cushions with remnants from the winter weight duvet inner I used for my Quilt.

(I borrowed this idea from my friends Alicia and Corey. They had done it with 2 of these bags, and I had one lying around - Thanks!)


  1. they turned out really great :) good idea for those old shirts that have faded or stretched out of shape aye. Also I thought the strap was still attached!! hehe perhaps a portable cushion for summer festivals? I pinned an old tie to my lounge chair squab and carried it around a bit through summer. Great sewing there!

    1. Oh clever idea! I have some circular cushions I carry to things where I know the seating will be hard.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. aah heemmm a little credit please on that idea! :)
    turned out awesome tho!
    :) xx

  3. :) cheers amy xx
    awesome cushion
    next goal is to turn cool/random retro tee shirts into onesies . . . one off designer onsies?
    together? :)
    and also convertable togs by summer haha

    1. And I still owe you a convertible dress, lets go fabric shopping sometime! Do you still have the onesie template? I'm keen to give it a go!


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