Sunday, 20 May 2012

An Old Phone Seat - Re-Upholstered

It has been a bit quiet on this blog lately, not for lack of material but because I have been a bit sick. Here's hoping I can only get better from here! However a week off work catching up on sleep and doing absolutely nothing has been awesome!

Anyway, my latest project is an old phone seat. These suckers used to be found in the hallways of old houses with the corded phone on the top shelf and a pen and paper and maybe even one of those flip-by-letter phone number books on the bottom shelf. Then you were free to sit on the nice padded seat and natter away on the phone in comfort!

I picked this seat up from Trade Me for a whopping $2.

As you can see it had a gross PVC/Vinyl tan seat and some formica type shelves.

I had the perfect material stashed away waiting for a small seat to come my way and what do ya know? Perfect fit! An easy unpick of some staples holding down the PVC and stapling the new material on. At the moment it is just resting there so I will get some screws in when I get the chance.

The last thing I did was grab some more of my wallpaper supply and trace around the shelves which popped out with a bit of a nudge. I have yet to do this, but I will PVA glue the wallpaper onto the shelves and wedge them back into place.

 Ta-da! All in an afternoons work!

P.S It's my birthday tomorrow, I haven't made a big deal of it this year, especially with not feeling too good, but Dave and I are going away to Lake Tekapo over Queens Birthday weekend for a long-awaited break. Dave's parents have a caravan we will borrow (yay for cheap and cozy accommodation!) and we can spend 3 whole days either doing nothing or doing a lot! I can't wait!


  1. Love this - such a simple project and it looks great! You're so good at finding bargains too. I've been looking for a chair to make-over for ages but they're just so expensive on trademe. I've gotta go trawling some op shops. Perhaps things are just totally overpriced in Auckland! Love your work!!

    1. Thanks Kerry! I spent ages trawling trademe for this one, I keep an eye on the $1 reserve auctions closing soon. I shall keep an eye out for an awesome chair for you :) xx

  2. The seat looks great and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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