Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bedroom Chair - Re-Upholstered

Ok so ignore the terrible pics, our house has the worst natural light imaginable.


What used to be an old, squeaky, out-dated chair (with wheels!) has been transformed into a modern, shabby chic, french country inspired bedroom chair.

Killer doing her investigating

The undergarments. Lets just hope it had fizzy spilled all over it..

Front View
Back View
We made the executive call to get rid of the pleated skirt, especially since we found these cool bed legs from the Eco-Shop for $2.

I got to use proper upholstery fabric this time, unlike the drill cotton I used last time.

I used the same principles as last time:

1. Remove legs (if applicable).

2. Rip Unpick the fabric from each section of the chair, making sure to maintain the integrity of the pattern pieces.

3. Lay pattern pieces on the floor to determine how much fabric to buy.

4. Buy fabric.

5. Lay out and cut pattern pieces.

6. Staple pieces onto the chair in the reverse order you removed them. Eg back piece goes on last.

7. Unpick and re-do if necessary, make sure each piece is not warped or loose.

8. Re-attach legs if applicable.

I added a bit of detail to my chair with gold thumb tacks. (I know, right!)

I placed them relatively evenly spaced around the back of the chair (also serving the purpose of attaching the fabric) and also around the front of the chair.

I have a pile of bent tacks because they aren't really designed to go through thick fabric and wood. But with a mallet and tack imprints in my thumb it became a success.

I am really stoked to finish this project, the chair turned into a real piece of character furniture!

In other news, I am feeling tonnes better, looking forward to going away next weekend and I just participated in my first Christchurch Bloggers catch-up.

We watched a movie, ate and shared lots of delicious baking, and talked blogs and lives and 48hr film festival. There may or may not have been a smoking, blown-up hi-fi speaker along the way.

I am excited to make new friends, knowing them more than just what is on their blogs (One of the bloggers likened it to internet dating!) and become part of a community outside of the world wide web. Here's to many more!

Enjoy the last few days of autumn, temperatures are plummeting and winter is knocking brrrrr.


  1. Was nice to meet you at the bloggers catch up! Love the chair :D

    1. Why thank you :) I shall see you around the blogisphere

  2. chair looks fab - you always do such a professional looking job. It was lovely to meet you too and my boys loved the leftover cupcakes the next day!

    1. Just don't look too close, it's not quite perfect :P Glad the cupcakes got enjoyed!

  3. Wow Amy, it looks so good. I would love that in my bedroom. You are very clever.

  4. I really like your blog, Amy. :) The chair looks super awesomeness, I bet it's a good feeling to relax back in the chair and know you did that great job! x

    1. You know I haven't actually sat on it properly yet, I'm running out of room in my house!


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