Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Makings

I though that I would flick through my camera roll to see how many of the things I made have been documented this year. Turns out there were quite a few. Here they are:

Size 1 Bunny coat

Size 3 Bear coat

Size 3 Bear vest

Size 3 tiger dress-up coat

Size 2 unicorn vest

3-6 month size baby vest

Mother and daughter coordinating unicorn jackets

The lining of the mother/daughter jackets

Size 3 vest

Size 2 Dinosaur coat

Size 3 pony coat

5x 0-3 month baby vests

6-9 month size baby coat

Size 4 Dino vest
Yellow floral dress for me

Crochet giraffe for my nephew

Door mat

Door mat #2

Tree stump cake for my nephew

Pirate ship cake for Addison

Custom crochet baby blanket

Fox hot water bottle cover

Cat pot plant holder out of a Coke bottle

5x sets of tiny wooden villages

Bird string art
I'm glad that I managed to document these projects, I have definitely kept busy although I found that the first half of the year held a bit of a creative slump for me. I think I jumped from crochet to sewing because I needed some quick projects and that helped kick start my creativity again.

2018 will be another creative year for me, I have plenty of ideas in my head, I just need to find the time to do them. May this year be creative and fun for you too! xx

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