Friday, 29 December 2017

Life Update

Hey team,

Thanks for stopping by, I know things have been a bit quiet around here.

Life has been changing over the last year, my study journey to become a qualified librarian hit full-bore in the middle of the year when I got a casual job at a library. I was juggling both work and full-time study, as well as the normal parenting and (trying to) keep the house liveable (no one said anything about presentable!).

I made it through that with good marks and am now on the home-stretch with only 1.5 papers to go! I am not sure what next year will hold for me but I am looking forward to it!

Addison is 3 and a half now and is very talkative and curious. She has a great imagination and has picked up an interest in crafts. She loves to go out to Daddy's Shed and make things in there and is coming up with some great projects.

Our house renovations are sort of paused at the moment while we try and carve out some time as well as slowly, slowly save some money to fund the bathroom reno as well as a fair few dump runs. We have plans though!

I am still crafting, although documenting it seems to comprise of a single photo, usually in terrible lighting because I only craft late at night these days. I have been sewing a lot, collecting woolen blankets to use to make winter jackets and vests. I am hoping to extend this a bit next year and open up a few custom order spots as time allows. I haven't done as much crochet this year, just a few projects here and there. I post regularly on Instagram as @inthefoxsden if you want to see my goings-on.

Dave and I celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and it feels like that time has flown by. Dave has been busy with his day-job as well as heaps of custom woodworking requests which he somehow manages to get through.

So to sum up, we have been busy. Hopefully next year we can settle into a bit more of a routine and find time to take a break or two and relax. We aren't very good at being still!

Thanks for sticking around and following me as my craft blog is slowly turning into a book review blog. I do still love my little space here so I will try to make more effort in documenting the things that keep me busy.

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