Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dinosaur Coat From an Upcycled Blanket

Nearing the beginning of the month my nephew turned two. What! That means that in less than 6 weeks (more like 3 now) Addison will be three. What!
Anyway the weekend before I had inherited a couple of beautiful woolen blankets from Addison's Great-Granny and I finally went and purchased the Twig and Tale Wild Things Coat 

I don't think I have actually bought a PDF pattern before, I usually hunt down a free pattern and adapt it, or occasionally use paper patterns. So I figured I would make an investment - its about $17.50NZD and you get child sizes 1-14 and the add-ons for making 14 different animals! I have plans for making coats for plenty of birthday presents. The other awesome thing about Twig + Tale (apart from the fact that Lisa is a NZ local) is that she designs her patterns to be made from upcycled materials. I have seen old woolen coats being cut down and made into mini coats, or old blankets, sweaters and even leather jackets being used!

It is a nice simple pattern that an advanced beginner can tackle. Not sponsored by the way, just a happy customer.

So I decided to make a dinosaur coat for Master 2. It has felt spikes down the hood and back, and has a little spiky tail too. I added claws on the pockets as well.

Dave made me the toggles (AMAZING right?!) and they work so well with the coat.

Master 2 loves being a dinosaur and can roar on command. It will fit him through this winter and then I'll have to make him a new one next year. Maybe a Fox? Or a Bear? Or a Dog?

I have made Addison a Pony coat out of a different blanket which I will attempt to photograph later. It has a mane! I seriously love the versatility. I am looking forward to making a few more coats in the near future too. I just need to go blanket hunting!

I have been sewing a fair bit recently, my crochet orders have slowed down and study and general life has kept me busy but I am always itching to create. I love switching between sewing and crochet because crochet is quite relaxing and I can do it while watching TV and sewing is a lot faster and I see results in an hour or three. Crochet usually takes me at least a couple of nights to finish something.

But I ramble. Here, check out the cool photos of the Dinosaur Coat!

Ignore the fact that it needs a good iron - I was too scared of ruining it! That last photo is Addison modelling the coat - Master 2 is too speedy to capture and Addison isn't much better.

Thanks for stopping by - and stay tuned for coat #2 soon!



  1. This is brilliant Amy!!! Love how it's practical as a coat and also a dress up piece too, would love to see future coat creations- the possibilities are endless :-) Jo W

  2. That coat is gorgeous Amy! Are you taking orders? I'd love one for Z.


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