Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Book Review - Love You Hoo by Rachel Bright

This cute little book is about a parent-child relationship, about learning and teaching each other as life happens. From the first few days of life until they leave the nest, knowing that even though life has ups and downs, "I'll always love you-hoo." No matter what.

This is a lovely bedtime book that is all about love and feeling safe and accepted. I like that the parent owl is never identified with as either gender so it could be a Mummy Owl or a Daddy Owl, depending on who reads the book.

This book is the format twin of Amazing Daddy, also by Bright. The rhyming, illustration, font and even layout are super similar but obviously very different in content. Addison (nearly 3), picked that up straight away, even after not reading Amazing Daddy for a while. I'm not saying it is a bad thing, Bright has landed on a style that works for her.

Once again the page with 100+ tiny illustrations features, this time with potential occupations that Baby Owl could end up doing. Addison loves asking us which one we like best and she picks her favourite too.

This is a very cute book, the rhyming structure isn't always straightforward which gets you out of rhythm sometimes but the sacrifice for the content makes it worth it. The addition of "Hoo" to a bunch of words is fun to say, you can be as silly as you want! The overall message is great and I like that Bright adds in that we may hit bumps along the way but that we get through those together.

Paperback and Hardcover versions available now

Thanks to Hachette for my review copy!

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