Saturday, 5 September 2015

Crochet Star Blanket

This crochet star blanket has been a work in progress for a while now. I used the leftover yarn from this blanket and giraffe and also this blanket. I had 2 balls of each of the 5 colours so 10 balls of yarn went a long way! I got this far then ran out of white yarn which was needed to continue the pattern. But you know what? It is a perfect baby blanket size. So eventually I weaved in the last of the ends and packaged it up off to one of Dave's workmates who is going to be a Dad sometime soon! They don't know the gender of their baby so I think this is gender neutral enough to work either way.

This blanket uses a Free pattern from Ravelry and it's cool because you can make this sucker as big as you want - although once you get to this stage each round uses up a good chunk of yarn! I like this pattern because it is simple and quick to crochet up but is different then your standard ripple or granny square blanket. It also sits well on the floor and doesn't warp out of shape the way some round crochet projects do. I will definitely make another one using this pattern.

It is the first weekend of spring here and we are stoked to have some ever-so-slightly warmer weather so we can make family trips to the park!

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