Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dear Addison - 9 Months

Dear Addison,

This year is already flying by, you are 10 months old today and it's almost March! That means April next which is your 1st birthday. SLOW DOWN! Mama isn't ready for her baby to turn into a toddler!

This month you have decided that you are happiest when standing, whether holding on to us or hanging onto the coffee table and you have started 'cruising' or taking tiny steps along the table. You are a confident stepper when holding our hands and you are rearing to go when we stand you up. Once you sort out your wobbles and get your balance you will be off.

This new passion for stepping has meant that learning to crawl is taking a back seat. While all your little friends zoom off you just sit in one spot happy as can be. If you can't reach something then you just find something else to amuse you. You don't mind being on your tummy and you are awesome at spinning yourself around and pushing backwards, which can get you quite far especially on our wooden floors! But you haven't quite figured out how to get up to your hands and knees. You will get there eventually, every day you are learning more and more how to control your body.

 We have found your ticklish spots where we are guaranteed to get laughs and we always have lots of fun rolling on the bed having a tickle fight. 

We have been teething all month and you now sport your two bottom teeth, the top right, the one next to the top right (you are a bit lopsided at the moment) and your left middle and the one next to it have just cut over the last few days.  You have been dealing with it like a champ, the only time it seems to bother you is an hour after you have gone to bed. You wake up with a very sad cry and we get you up, give you pamol and some cuddles and then back to bed. We never quite know how your teeth are going because any time we try to open your mouth you bite! It is only when you grin that we can see your toothy situation.

You have added a lot more noises to your repertoire. Mama has made an appearance and you copy a lot of our sounds. You made a car sound when Daddy was pulling up and are just generally pretty chatty. 

You love the outdoors, or perhaps you just get bored of being in the lounge all the time. You get excited when we get to the front door and enjoy walking around the garden or getting the mail. You rip leaves off trees and 'walk' on the grass or sit and play with pegs while I hang the washing out. Any trip in the pram is met with excitement.

You have just moved into your new carseat. We said goodbye to the capsule and it has gone to live with your new cousin (still in-utero). You are a bit more upright in this seat and chat away and enjoy being taken out of the car and carried around with us.

You hair is finally growing! You have a bunch of new growth at the back which is getting quite long but the top of your head only has a tiny bit. You may venture into mullet territory for a wee while sorry darling.

You have started dancing to music which is ADORABLE! if you are standing up you bounce up and down and shake your booty, if you are sitting you bop and wiggle. You can also hi-5 people and wave. We are trying to do a bit of baby sign with you but we need to try harder I think as well as give you time to figure it out. Just basic ones like: more, drink, finished and cat.

Addison you are becoming a little lady. I can't wait to see the next stage of your life develop!

xxoo Mama


  1. so lovely to read.

  2. So cute! She sounds like she is very busy. And you have a very patient cat!


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