Monday, 29 December 2014

Cross Quilt

For Christmas this year we tried to make the majority of our presents. It feels good knowing that you can still give a quality gift without having to spend a lot of money. Thankfully Addison is a good napper so I was able to get some crafts done in the two-ish hour chunks she naps.

I made this quilt for one of my really good friends. We met through Plunket and have children the same age, as well as living right round the corner from each other. I knew she would love the simple monochrome design and I made it slightly larger than her cot size so there is plenty to tuck in.

I pieced the top together but I just added a backing onto it and didn't quilt it so I probably should call it a blanket. The backing I used is the softest chevron minky fabric that I just love.

Looking closely at the quilt, I can see that my pattern designing skills need a LOT of work, I'm not sure what happened in the bottom few rows but it definitely isn't how it is supposed to be. Lets go with baby brain - I can still claim that right? 

Anyway, it was well received, flaws and all, and is now doing a great job keeping her baby snug, warm AND on trend. Win!

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  1. Awesome! I've got the fabric I need to make a cross quilt for my sisters new baby (due in a few weeks!) Althought it'll look a little different to this :)

    Hahaha I wondered what was going on at the bottom! xx


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