Monday, 10 November 2014

Baby Shower Makings 3.0

The third (and last for now) baby shower happened over the weekend. This one for a baby boy who is due in just a few weeks! This baby shower was pretty hilarious with games like Spit the Dummy (I won), Pregnant Twister (I also won) and Pin the Sperm on the Egg (I didn't win that one). 

After so many girly baby showers, plus the all-day-dreaming of crafts for my own girl, it was hard to think of some gifts I could make for this wee boy.

 I made this taggy square with my last scraps of fox fabric, backed it with nice soft minky and attached different coloured and textured ribbons around the edge. I made Addison a similar one and she LOVES it. She is getting her pincer grasp and loves grabbing the tags.

I asked the host of the baby shower if there was any 'theme' the mama-to-be had in mind for her baby and the answer I got back was 'dogs'. So I whipped up a potato stamp and went bone crazy on this onesie.

 Every baby boy needs a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors!

I crocheted this blanket a while ago too with some yarn I had stashed away. I'm loving the neutrals with a bright, bold pop of blue. Its a nice bassinet or pram sized blanket that has a loose weave so it is lightweight. 

My next makings will probably be Christmas presents, we are trying to do another handmade Christmas this year so I better put my thinking cap on!

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  1. Love it. You're a champion Amy! I've been diggin' your new blog look too. xx


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