Friday, 7 November 2014

Baby Shower Makings 2.0

The second baby shower I attended last week was awesome! It was unlike any other baby show I have been to because the guest of honour didn't know the gender of her baby until she walked in the door and we revealed it! SURPRISE!!!

She managed that by getting her husband to find out at their 20 week scan and he kept it a secret until a week or so out from the baby shower and let us girls know so we could plan.

We all had to wear pink and the room was pretty well decked out in pink things so it was absolutely obvious she is having a GIRL! We managed to capture the surprise moment on video and in a photo series so she can remember.

The rest of the night was filled with games and merriment and food of course. The coolest game we played was guessing the gestation (in days) of various animals. All I can say is poor elephants!

I made a couple of items for the baby girl, a crochet headband, a patchwork blanket with the softest minky fabric on the back, and some vintage floral bunting for her room. Also in the mix were a family of purple rubber duckies!

I have one more baby shower to go to tomorrow and this one is for a baby boy. It is definitely challenging my creativity since I am used to making for little girls!

Looking forward to the coming month or so when all these little ones arrive! Baby cuddles all around!

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  1. What a fun way to get the news- I bet capturing the look on her face was wonderful!


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